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Why a holiday is good for your sleep

with Aspace

Sleep is a source of anxiety for many children and parents. Getting a good night’s sleep is essential for a child’s growth and development, not to mention your well-being and sanity as a parent.

Everyone can benefit from having a good bedtime routine – even grown-ups. However, just when you think you’ve cracked bedtime at home, it’s time for a family holiday

Main bedroom with adjoining children's bunk room

Could a holiday be the perfect time to catch up on your sleep? And, why is this so important.

Children need long periods of uninterrupted sleep for optimal growth and development, but sleep problems are very common in young people and can have a huge impact on families. Lack of sleep can make children irritable and can lead to mood swings and behavioural problems, which can affect their ability to learn in school.

With two miles of sandy beach and uninterrupted views, the Watergate Bay Hotel is a popular destination for families looking to escape to the coast.

Beach-side adventures, rock pooling and the swimming pool will wear out any holidaying family. Fresh air and stimulation that comes from playing in a new environment is good to blow away the cobwebs and wear them out. This will straight away encourage better sleep.

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Kids' Zone

The Kids’ Zone runs morning and evening sessions and use specific techniques to help wind children down ready for naps and sleep. For the younger children they have baby massage and toddler yoga half an hour before the session ends. For the older children there is yoda yoga, screen time is reduced, and they all settle down to a film in the snug and the evening session comes to a close.

Bunk beds in a family suite bedroom

A bedtime rhythm

On holiday it’s important to try and stick to a familiar bedtime ritual. Routine helps children to feel safe: bath, brushing teeth, pyjamas, a calm environment, story and lights out… this allows children to enter sleep with ease and relaxation.

In general, make after dinner a screen-free time. Set the rule at the beginning of the holiday and stick with it. Time spent on screen leaves little minds buzzing, and they need time to settle before sleep.

Children benefit from a rhythmic life as this creates secure foundations for their growing and learning

The rhythm of sleep

Aspace’s storytelling expert Danyah Miller says; ‘Children benefit from a rhythmic life as this creates secure foundations for their growing and learning. Rhythm allows them to feel protected and held so that trust and confidence can grow. It facilitates learning about words, sounds and language formation. Repetition of words, ideas and skills is important for early brain development and establishes order whilst repetition brings order out of chaos.’

When we give our children a rhythmic (not regimented) bedtime routine they can feel safe.

Your bedroom

Every detail has been considered in the hotel’s family suite to make the space feel like home, with a large king-sized bed for parents, storage to remove clutter and luggage, and a separate smaller room with Aspace bunk beds, so children feel like they’re in a familiar environment. 

A good bed should accommodate your child’s nightly needs and future development, while the mattress should offer great support and comfort for growing bones and muscles. The bedroom should be a place where children feel relaxed. The rooms at Watergate Bay Hotel are stylishly dressed with throws and cushions to make the space feel comfortable for sleeping.

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Main bedroom in a family suite with a kingsize bed

If you would like to learn more about children’s bedtime routine, take a look at the Aspace journal for helpful tips and advice.

Aspace have been creating inspirational children’s bedrooms for more than 20 years. Our family suites include their best-selling Charterhouse Bunk Bed.

Discover their exclusive furniture and accessories collection by visiting the Aspace website.

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