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Biophilic design

Love of life: Marianna Popejoy

Sunlight, colour, lush green plants, natural materials, wide open views and “non rhythmic sensory stimuli”, like grasses blowing in the wind… Welcome to the world of biophilia – which means ‘love of life’, and happens to come in abundance at Watergate Bay, says the author of a new book about biophilic design, Marianna Popejoy.

Fresh from a stay at Watergate Bay with her family in December, Marianna shares their experiences through a biophilic lens. From watching a storm from a place of ‘refuge’ to racing down to the beach for coffee in that all-important 30 minutes of daily sunlight...

Listen to what she discovered… 

Ocean Room Marianna And Finn

Marianna’s beautiful book At Home with Nature digs deep into biophilic design – an approach based on drawing elements of nature into interior spaces to mimic our relationship with the outside world and enrich our daily lives.

From views and vistas that calm us (and have even been shown to speed up recovery times in a hospital environment), to the influence of natural light on our circadian rhythms to energise us and help us sleep, once you learn about biophilia it makes so much instinctive sense.


12 chapters

Want to learn more about biophilic design, and how to use it in your own home? At Home with Nature takes the six biophilic principles and divides them into 12 easy-to-follow chapters, packed with beautiful photography and practical tips to help us all invite more nature in…

Marianna Reading Marianna Reading

What is biophilic design?

Biophilic design gives connection to the natural world and creates places where people and communities thrive, it takes on six recognised principles:

  1. Environmental features
  2. Natural shapes and forms
  3. Restorative patterns and processes
  4. Light and space
  5. Place-based relationships
  6. Evolved human-nature relationships

Order your copy

Order your copy from her website, and follow Marianna on Instagram for more inspiration.


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