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Our impact journey

We believe we should not only minimise the impact we have on the environment but also make a positive impact on the world around us and its people.

From GAP year programmes, sunglasses made from ghost gear and furniture upcycling, You Days, sustainability promises and local links. Learn about our move towards minimising our impact on the environment, and how we're maximising the well-being of our team and local community.

Our activity focuses around three key themes; circular, conservation, and community.


Discover how we strive to give back what we get out


We believe that business should bring benefits for the local community. From creating quality, long-term employment opportunities to building assets that will benefit local people for years to come, people are at the heart of our decision-making.

View our community page


Learn about our 10-point 'greenprint' Sustainability Promise at The Beach Hut, our chemical-free cleaning products and our buy one set one free Lobster Friday initiative. 

Becoming a B Corp

We want to use our business as a force for good, both environmentally and socially. That’s why we’re currently going through a rigorous assessment to become B Corp certified.

B Corps balance profit with people and planet – reaching the highest environmental and social standards. Far from a tick-box exercise, becoming a B Corp will fundamentally change the way we do business – and we’ll be legally required to report on our impact every year.

Cave at Watergate Bay's north end

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