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Watergate Bay Hotel

About us

Two miles of sand, cliffs and a consistent surf break. Watergate Bay Hotel’s take on a modern beach holiday owes it all to location.

Whether paddling out into the waves, floating in Swim Club, or tasting your way through the Bay’s four restaurants, a stay at Watergate Bay is all about striking the right balance. Run along the beach and lie in; find wide-open spaces and quiet corners; take in the crisp sea air and warm sauna time.

After over 50 years as a family business, we’re spurred on by our evolving vision of ‘a ski resort on a beach’ – and the way this corner of the world buzzes with the energy of reinvention.

Come and see it for yourself and stay in one of our 80 bedrooms.

Being active, getting out amongst the elements, eating and drinking well. Having a good time.

And other stories…

The team behind Watergate Bay Hotel is developing a new collection of hotels that share this same relaxed, active and social ethos.

Another Place is an evolving brand which shares our defining philosophy: each hotel will reflect its distinct location.

The story has already started with Another Place, The Lake; on the shores of Ullswater in the Lake District.

Another Place The Lake Ullswater©Michael Lazenby

Our magazine

This year our magazine is all about exploring our senses. It features a collection of interesting articles from guest writers linking back to sight, smell, taste, sound and touch. Looking at Cornwall from different angles, a calendar of exciting events at Watergate Bay and beyond, and all the information you need to plan a stay.

Take a listening walk on the beach with David Attenborough's sound man, Chris Watson; a journey through the art and science of Cornwall's distinctive light; read about the latest 'fast casual' food trend, or undercover the power of scent to tap into forgotten memories and transport us back to childhood.

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