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land&water is a new British sustainable bath & body brand inspired by the idea that time outside makes us feel better inside.

Its natural, ethically sourced products recreate the fresh skin invigoration we feel on the shoreline.

land&water’s origins are here at Watergate Bay Hotel – land&water founder, Pix Ashworth’s family hotel. As well as appreciating time out on the beach and cliffs herself, Pix has spent many years witnessing the joyful “warm glow” radiating from guests after days swimming, surfing or walking on the beach at Watergate Bay.

She wanted to capture that feeling; to, quite literally, bottle it.

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British sustainable bath & body brand land&water
Bath and boy oil with orange and ginger, with mood-boosting black pepper and geranium essential oils, to soothe the aches of days well spent.

About land&water

A blend of elemental invigoration and happy, relaxed, calm is at the heart of the land&water collection.

Its products for body, hands, hair and home translate the emotion that Pix and many Watergate Bay guests have experienced, into a blend of buoyant, exhilarating citrus and serene, green and woody notes.

The whole collection also embodies painstaking care for the environment that has inspired it.

Natural ingredients and recipes, created in small batches. Full collection suitable for vegans. Ethically sourced ingredients, 100% cruelty-free. 100% post-consumer recycled bottles. All products made in the British Isles.

The land&water brand has since radiated out to other locations with similar outlooks, communities and values – whether in the fells of the Lake District, country gastropubs, London boutique hotels, or national department stores.

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