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Discovery Beach School

From firepit cookery and bushcraft to imagination and storytelling, learn the art of whittling, practical conservation behaviour and survival skills. Our forest school-inspired beach pop-up sessions build confidence and social skills in Watergate Bay’s coastal environment. 

During July and August in partnership with Land Rover Discovery, we're offering every child between 6-15yrs one free session during their stay. Additional sessions and Non-residents can book a week in advance through our enquiry form

Session dates and times

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Beach School Kids' Zone Tent


In association with the Forest School, our qualified Coastal School Leadership team share knowledge of the marine and coastal environment through beach games and activities. Available for 6-12 years. One beach school session is included in every stay, subject to availability. Book your complimentary session through our enquiry form.

Booking enquiry

Find out what we have planned this summer with our full run down of family pop-ups, Kids' Zone sessions and beach school activities. 

This summer

Beachside whittling

Learn the art of whittling with Forest school-inspired woodworking sessions on the sand. Beginning with potato peelers (depending on age) and advancing onto knives.

Whittling has been shown to promote focus and creativity, interdependence and life skills.

Beach School Kids Zone Whittling

Session dates and times

One complimentary session for hotel guests, additional sessions and non-residents are £40. 

Survival Skills - 6-12yrs

Use carving techniques with different tools safely, creating wooden crafts. Learn how to light fire, keep it burning and safely extinguish it.

22 July: 1.30pm until 3pm
24 July: 11.30am until 1pm
26 July: 3.30pm until 5pm
30 July: 5pm until 6.30pm

3 August: 9.30am until 11am
5 August: 1.30pm until 3pm
14 August: 3.30pm until 5pm
19 August: 1.30pm until 3pm
21 August: 11.30am until 1pm
21 August: 1.30pm until 3pm
23 August: 1.30pm until 3pm
25 August: 2pm until 3.30pm
27 August: 3.30pm until 5pm
31 August: 11.30am until 1pm

Curious Creations - 6-12yrs

Hunt for seashells and rockpool dwellers, listen to beach storytelling and create beach inspired crafts.

22 July: 10.30am until midday
24 July: 2.30pm until 4pm
26 July: 2.30pm until 4pm 
30 July: 9.30am until 11am

1 August: 9.30am until 11am
3 August: 12.30pm until 2pm
5 August: 10.30am until midday
13 August: 2.30pm until 4pm
17 August: 9am until 10.30am
19 August: 11am until 12.30am
21 August: 2pm until 3.30pm
23 August: 4.30pm until 6pm
25 August: 4pm until 5.30pm
29 August: 9.30am until 11am
31 August: 9am until 10.30am

Competitive beach games - 10-15yrs

Join and play volleyball, dodgeball, football, rounders and more.

21 July: 9.30am until 11am
28 July: 6pm until 7.30pm
1 August: 6pm until 7.30pm
14 August: 6pm until 7.30pm
16 August: 9am until 10.30am
27 August: 7pm until 8.30pm

Rockpool ramble with Newquay Wild Activities

Photo credit: David Kirwan

Family pop up sessions

As part of the Discovery Beach School Programme, we are working with local companies who will provide the following family pop up sessions.

No need to book.

Newquay Wild Activities

90 minute sessions

Marine Wildlife: Join Newquay Wild activities for the story of the fin whale washed ashore last winter, a show and tell looking at the bones of species found on Cornish shores and rockpool bingo!

21 July at 12pm
25 July at 12pm
27 July at 1.30pm
2 Aug at 12.30pm
4 Aug at 12.30pm
24 Aug at 1.30pm
26 Aug at 2.30pm

Beach Guardian

90 minute sessions

Beach clean and seaweed investigation

Join beach guardian on a beach clean, learn about microplastics and create fish tails using ghost rope.

23 July at 10.30am
31 July at 10.30am
6 Aug at 11am
20 Aug at 10am

Seaweed investigation

Join Amy Gosney for a seaweed investigation where you will:

  • Learn about the biology and importance of seaweed
  • Find out about different seaweed zonation and what is found where
  • Take part in a cyanotype / hapa zome workshop

29 July at 3.30pm
18 Aug at 10am
22 Aug at 12.30pm
28 Aug at 9.30am

Good to know

Beach School Kids Zone


Reserve your complimentary session by completing the form below. Additional sessions (when available) can be booked through the app up to 7 days before.

Beach School Marshmallows Kids' Zone

Ask a question

Drop the Beach School team an email if you have any questions.

Beach School Kids Zone Bucket And Spade

Good to know...

All sessions are subject to availability. Activity types will vary depending on the weather, age group and tidal conditions.

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