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Conserving the earth’s natural resources is vital for a sustainable future. We source energy from renewable sources for our hotels and find innovative ways to reduce our energy demand. We also take pride in sustainably sourcing local, seasonal produce for our kitchens and use biodegradable cleaning products.

Learn about our 10-point 'greenprint' Sustainability Promise at The Beach Hut, our chemical-free cleaning products and our buy one set one free Lobster Friday initiative. 

Owen Tozer Watergate Bay pool underwater Owen Tozer Watergate Bay pool underwater

Energy lowdown

We only buy 100% renewable electricity and also self-generate our base load (60kw) using two onsite combined heat and power plants (CHP). Our CHP system not only generates our base load for electricity but also provides for the majority of our hot water and heating requirements. The system is 65% more efficient than conventional power generation and prevents 207 tonnes of carbon from being released into the atmosphere each year.

Solar thermal panels pre-heat our hot water, reducing our natural gas use, particularly during the peak demand periods in the summer.

Across the hotel, LED lighting is used almost exclusively to ensure less energy is wasted.

To create more efficient kitchens, we increasingly use induction hobs – which also create a more pleasant working environment for our kitchen team.

The ultraviolet water quality system in our swimming pool minimises the chlorine needed, and we filter the pool using OC1 - an ultra-efficient filtration media reducing overall water usage.

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Where our intentions are as good as our dishes

With a two-mile beach on our doorstep, clifftop views and sunsets to kick off the evening, it’s hard not to feel an appreciation for nature when you work at The Beach Hut. That’s why we have a 10-point ‘greenprint’ Sustainability Promise to help us protect our natural environment. 

From carefully designing our menu to reduce food miles and food waste, to using seasonal local produce, avoiding plastic and cleaning without chemicals, find out what we’re doing to tread lightly on the planet, at every step. 

Taste good, do good, feel good

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Buy one set one free

Enjoy fresh seafood on a Friday, while revitalising the ocean. That’s Lobster Fridays at the Beach Hut. From June to September 2023 we’re on board with the ‘Buy One Set One Free’ campaign. So with every order, you’re supporting the National Lobster Hatchery’s vital and unique work, raising and releasing baby lobsters into the wild.

National Lobster Hatchery The Dogs With Me Photo Credit

Lobster Hatchery

Sustainable palm oil project with Newquay Zoo

There’s a story behind every ingredient and product we use in our kitchen – and palm oil is no exception. Its production can have a damaging impact on the environment, but palm cultivation also supports millions of livelihoods around the world.

To make sure our sourcing promotes sustainable palm oil production, we’ve joined the Sustainable Palm Oil Communities project spearheaded by Newquay Zoo, looking to make Newquay the first Sustainable Palm Oil Town in the UK. 

As part of our B Corp journey, we’ll be auditing our product suppliers annually to ensure that any palm oil present comes from a sustainable source. This way, we know that we’re helping to protect wildlife by defunding unsustainable agricultural practices. 

More about the Sustainable Palm Oil project with Newquay Zoo

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Newquay Zoo

Sustainable Palm Oil Community

Local links

We’re blessed with an abundant community of local suppliers, from Cornwall’s own Gouda to surprising local spirits to fresh-cut flowers grown minutes away.

Housekeeping Team Housekeeping Team

Cleaner cleaning

The safety of our team working to keep the hotel looking its best, as well as doing our best for the marine environment we love, depends on our cleaning products and processes. 

The new cleaning system we introduced in summer 2023 uses ozonated water. After cleaning, we pour the solution away as regular water, leaving no toxic by-products. This Green Seal accredited system is fully recyclable too, through a closed loop system.

And for kitchen degreasing and toilet cleaning, we’ve switched to using a UKUK-manufacturedroduct range made from plant-based ingredients. Its FSC certified packaging reduces our transport, waste and packaging emissions by over 90%

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Digging into travel

With thousands of people coming to our hotel each year, we have a duty to minimise the impact and emissions associated with their travel. We’re now in the process of diligently gathering data to shape our plan of action, which we’ll be announcing soon. 

Currently, guests can charge their electric cars at one of the 10 universal type 2 charging points in the hotel and The Village car parks.

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