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Virtual Zoom backgrounds

As most of us continue to work from home, Zoom meetings and video calls have often become integral to our 9-5. While you can't be here right now, we've gathered a few downloadable images from Watergate Bay to breathe some sea air into your working day. Apply them to your next Zoom call, add to your home screen or print them out. 

Sea view at home

Endless blues from a summers day at the beach, the sea and the sky. Imagine yourself here, count down the days until you can walk barefoot across the sand, or dive into the waves.


Virtual Zoom Background Watergate Bay Beach
Watergate Bay Beach Virtual Zoom Background Surfer

Surfer in the sunset

It's no secret that sunsets are something often savoured at Watergate Bay. As the sun dips below the horizon the skies ignite, bringing calm and serenity to the end of the day. 


Riding the wave

Carving across the wave, a lone surfer captures the attention of all on the shore. 


Watergate Bay Surfer
Watergate Bay Beach Coast Path (1)

Watergate Bay beach

Captured from the coast path above the beach, the view of Watergate Bay looking towards the north end. An ever-changing view is redrawn by the tides.


Summer daze

At low tide, the beach opens up to reveal two miles of sand. Ideal for beach rambling, exploring and with plenty of space to find a little slice of seclusion. 


Watergate Bay Beach Summer

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