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Our sustainability promise

Taste good, do good, feel good

Our 10-point Sustainability Promise shapes everything we do at The Beach Hut – from the food on our menus to how we recruit our teams and run the restaurant.

We're driven by creating a positive impact for people and planet, and drawing on the core principles Watergate Bay has championed for decades.

Bh Sustainability Wall

We're working hard to;

1. Become a B Corp

We want to use our business as a force for good, both environmentally and socially. That’s why we’re currently going through a rigorous assessment to become B Corp certified.

B Corps balance profit with people and planet – reaching the highest environmental and social standards. Far from a tick-box exercise, becoming a B Corp will fundamentally change the way we do business – and we’ll be legally required to report on our impact every year.

2. Work with nature and what’s in season

We thrive off the creative challenge of delivering a sustainable menu using seasonal produce. We offer lots of plant-based options – which we’re developing all the time – and always fresh, local ingredients that showcase the best of the season.

We buy locally wherever we can, and don’t buy further afield than Europe. We work hard to ensure that all our suppliers are both ethical and sustainable.

3. Keep it local

From biodynamic Cornish farm fruits to pasture-fed beef, we’re passionate about working with local producers – helping us to minimise food miles and maximise freshness, quality and flavour…all while supporting our community.

We like to keep the journey from soil to kitchen as short as possible. So, for example, our summer tomatoes come from Buttervilla, who we’ve worked with since their initial vision of biodynamically-grown heritage varieties here in Cornwall.

Our crab and lobster are sustainably caught in local waters, while our goat’s cheese, chicken and quinoa all hail from UK farms.

4. Collaborate with conscious suppliers

Having suppliers who share our high standards means everything. We’re proud to work with like-minded companies who show a commitment to treating the planet and people with kindness (and prioritising flavour!), such as B Corp certified speciality coffee roasters, Origin, and fellow B Corp Rodda’s Cornish milk and cream.

5. Grow a happy, healthy team

Whether through flexible shift patterns, free surf lessons or a free team bus to and from Newquay, we keep our team’s spirits high and create a positive working environment. This helps make our sustainable goals more achievable.

We understand the importance of investing in our people, recently launching two forward-thinking development programmes for chefs and gap year students.

We want our team to benefit from our beachside location, encouraging them to get active in the elements. This energised approach boosts morale and strengthens team spirit.

6. Planet- focused & plastic-free

We never use plastic straws, picks or stirrers, and, in our kitchens, food is delivered in reusable crates or recyclable cardboard.

7. Minimise food waste

While our menu is carefully designed to support the reduction of food waste, we can’t insist everyone finishes every last morsel on their plates. 

So, any waste we do generate is processed at a local anaerobic digestion facility and converted into renewable energy. Our waste cooking oil is also reused in biodiesel.

8. Clean without chemicals

We choose our cleaning products and processes based on their sustainability credentials from manufacture to disposal.

We take care to use the least toxic cleaning products, so they’re safer for our teams and also minimise harm to our precious marine environment and wildlife.

We’ve recently introduced an innovative toxin-free cleaning system that produces the majority of our cleaning needs on site using ozonated water. We can simply pour the solution away after use, as regular water – leaving no harmful by-products. The system is fully recyclable through a closed loop system, and is also Green Seal accredited.

For tougher demands like kitchen degreasing and toilet cleaning, we’ve switched to a UK manufactured sachet-based cleaning range using plant-based ingredients. It’s Vegan Society approved and comes in FSC certified packaging, also helping us reduce transport, waste and packaging emissions by over 90%.

9. Reduce our carbon footprint

We only use 100% renewable energy (supplied by Brook Green Energy) and are committed to reducing both energy usage and carbon emissions across the business.

Our lights are all energy-saving LEDs, and our kitchen hobs are induction – increasing efficiency and reducing indoor air pollution.

We encourage our teams to use the Cycle to Work scheme we offer, as well as partnering with an electric bike company to help guests explore. We’re on the Newquay to Padstow bus route, with an hourly service through the day.

10. Give back to the community

We’re excited to partner with Newquay Community Orchard and Cornwall Wildlife Trust – two causes chosen by our teams. Meanwhile, our ‘You Days’ provide paid days for employees to volunteer at a charity of their choice.

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