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Includes use of Swim Club before dinner in Zacry's

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Guest app

Now you've booked your room, you can log into our dedicated Watergate Bay guest app using your reservation number and your last name (available from the Google Play and Apple App store). 

Booking in advance means your stay can run to your timetable and there’s less organising to do once you’re here.

Before you arrive

Guest app

You can make dinner reservations and book treatments, surf and yoga classes and Kids’ Zone sessions. The available dates and times for all booking options during your stay are shown in the app.

Guest app

View all of your current bookings in My Itinerary; once you’ve booked, a pending notice will appear in your itinerary and shopping basket. Be sure to confirm all pending bookings or they won’t be completed.

Guest app

For treatments, surf and yoga, you’ll be asked to pay for the booking when you make it. If you need to cancel or change bookings, contact our guest services team.

For surf and yoga lessons, treatments, cardio sessions and Kids’ Zone bookings, the paper forms we’d normally ask you to complete are now found in the app. Complete any forms before you arrive so you’re good to go once you’re here.

When you're here

Guest app

The app is a great source of 'easy to check' information. Read the menus before you sit down to eat, get the weather, tide times and surf reports, make additional bookings, and catch-up on daily hotel updates. You’ll also find suggestions for the local area and FAQs covering common queries.

Guest app

We update the app each day. Make sure you’re getting all the latest info by using the refresh arrow on the home screen each time you open it.

About the app

We’ve been developing the Watergate Bay guest app over the past year to ensure your stay can be relaxing and enjoyable.

We’re on our first edition, so please do share any feedback or ideas. We’ve got lots more updates planned already!

The guest app is compatible with Android 10 or later and iOS 10.1 or later.

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