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The Beach Hut menus

  • Breakfast
  • Lunch & dinner
  • Children's menu
  • Hot drinks & cakes
  • Drinks list


Full English breakfast £14
Sausage, dry cured bacon, tomato, mushroom, fried potatoes, masala beans, scrambled or fried egg
{Eggs, garlic, milk, mushrooms, pork, sulphites}

Chapati with date tamarind chutney vg £4
If you’d like to customise your breakfast the chapati is the dish for you {Cereals containing gluten} - add:

Scrambled eggs {Eggs, milk} £2
Fried egg {Eggs} £1.50
Smoked salmon {Fish} £8
Fried potatoes £1.50
Dry cured bacon {Pork} £3
Sausage {Pork, sulphites} £2.50
Vegan sausage vg £4
Mushrooms {Mushrooms} £2
Grilled tomato £1.50
Masala bean {Garlic} £2

Saag aloo masala chapati vg £8
Potato and spinach in a rich masala sauce with unleavened flatbread
{Cereals containing gluten, garlic}

Blood orange lassi £5
Greek yoghurt, blood orange, honey and cinnamon

Sourdough with scrambled eggs v £8
{Cereals containing gluten, eggs, milk}

Sourdough with scrambled eggs £16
and smoked salmon
{Cereals containing gluten, eggs, fish, milk}

Toasted sourdough or wholemeal v £4.50
Rhoddas whipped butter, Boddingtons jam or marmalade
{Cereals containing gluten, milk}

Malted waffle £10
Dry cured bacon and carob syrup or honey
{Cereals containing gluten, eggs, milk, pork}

Malted waffle v £10
Lemon and thyme roasted fruits, Greek or dairy-free yoghurt and toasted seeds
{Cereals containing gluten, eggs, milk}

DaBara bakery

Signature cinnamon bun £4
{Cereals containing gluten, milk}

Bacon roll £7
DaBara bakery potato bun, grilled dry cured bacon
{Cereals containing gluten, milk, pork, soya}

Sausage roll £7
DaBara bakery potato bun, grilled British pork sausage
{Cereals containing gluten, milk, pork, soya, sulphites}


Pimhill muesli v £8
Lemon and thyme roasted fruits, Greek or dairy-free yoghurt and toasted seeds
{Cereals containing gluten, milk, tree nuts}

Pimhill muesli v £4
With your choice of milk
{Cereals containing gluten, milk, tree nuts}

Granola £8
Lemon and thyme roasted fruits, Greek or dairy-free yoghurt and toasted seeds
{Cereals containing gluten, milk, sulphites (may contain peanuts, sesame, treenuts)}

Granola £4
With your choice of milk
{Cereals containing gluten, milk, sulphites (may contain peanuts, sesame, treenuts)}

Bircher v £8
Overnight oats, apple juice, dairy-free yoghurt, lemon and thyme roasted fruits and toasted seeds 
{Cereals containing gluten}

Starters & small plates

Baguette & butter v £3
DaBara Bakery baguette with whipped Roddas butter or good oil
{Cereals containing gluten, milk}

Focaccia vg £6
Da Bara Bakery focaccia served with good oil and balsamic
{Cereals containing gluten, sulphites}

Nocerella olives vg £6
Zesty, fresh and creamy green olives

Smoked almonds vg £5
Lightly smoked crunchy almonds
{Tree nuts}

Lemony houmous, hazelnut duqqa vg £9
Houmous with spiced nut duqqa, rose petal harissa and grilled flatbread
{Cereals containing gluten, garlic, sesame, tree nuts}

Cornish crab bisque £12.50
Rich crab soup served with red pepper rouille, herb oil and croutons
{Alcohol, cereals containing gluten, crustaceans, eggs, garlic, sulphites}


Nanny Muffet goats cheese & hazelnut salad v £16
Grilled Nanny Muffet goats cheese, sourdough crostini, mesclun salad, hazelnuts and capers
{Cereals containing gluten, milk, mustard, sulphites, tree nuts}

Wedge salad v £16
Cornish gem, Helford Blue, ranch dressing,
pickled celery, roasted Bramley apple and crispy shallots
{Celery, cereals containing gluten, garlic, milk, mustard, sulphites}
Swap Helford Blue with vegan feta vg
{Celery, cereals containing gluten, garlic, mustard, sulphites}

Cornish squid & cuttlefish salad £18
Romesco sauce, fennel and kohlrabi salad and hazelnut duqqa
{Garlic, molluscs, sesame, sulphites, tree nuts}


Extreme beef burger £18
Beef patty, DaBara Bakery potato bun, Cornish Gouda, mayo, apple and celeriac slaw with fries
{Celery, cereals containing gluten, eggs, milk, mustard, soya, sulphites}

Vegan burger vg £15
Plant-based patty, DaBara bakery potato bun, vegan cheese, mayo, apple and celeriac slaw, gem lettuce with fries
{Celery, cereals containing gluten, mustard, soya, sulphites}

Grilled fish of the day £22
Grilled fish of the day with lemon and herb butter
{Fish, milk}

Steak frites £25
Char grilled 6oz rump steak, mesclun salad, Café de Paris butter, fries
{Garlic, milk, mustard, sulphites}


Fish finger sub £16
Breaded fish finger on a DaBara Bakery sub roll, tartare sauce, gem lettuce with fries
{Cereals containing gluten, eggs, fish, milk, mustard, soya, sulphites}

Fish & chips £19.50
Harbour beer-battered daily catch with chips,
curry and tartare sauces
{Alcohol, celery, cereals containing gluten, eggs, fish, garlic, mustard, soya, sulphites}

Moules marinière £20
Steamed Cornish mussels, white wine, cream, onions, garlic and parsley
{Alcohol, garlic, milk, molluscs, sulphites}

Chana masala vg £10
Rich warming chickpea stew with chapati flatbread
Add European-grown steamed white rice £14
{Cereals containing gluten, garlic}

Crab linguine £30
Cornish crab, linguine pasta, lemon, parsley,
chilli and garlic with good oil
{Cereals containing gluten, crustaceans, garlic}

Après sea

Lemon sole koliwada burger £15
Crisp fried spiced lemon sole fillet, DaBara potato bun, spiced carrot pickle, gem lettuce, mint and coriander mayo with fries
{Cereals containing gluten, fish, garlic, mustard, soya, sulphites}

Chipotle chilli bean nachos vg £14
Rich smoked chipotle chilli bean mole, nacho ‘cheese’ sauce and pea ‘guac’
{Cereals containing gluten, garlic, mustard, sulphites}

Tandoori spiced cauliflower vg £14
Tarka dal, mint chutney and chilli oil
{Celery, cereals containing gluten, garlic, sulphites}

Curry Fridays 

Served every Friday from 12 noon £20pp

Bengali fish curry
Chargrilled squid, cod, and Westcountry mussels in a rich tamarind, tomato and onion-based masala curry sauce
{Fish, garlic, molluscs}

Bengali vegetable curry vg
Spiced and lightly pickled cauliflower, chargrilled broccoli and roasted squash in an authentic Bengali curry sauce

Served with:
Lemon and turmeric rice
Warm chapati {Cereals containing gluten}
Spiced carrot pickle {Garlic, mustard, sulphites}
Onion bhaji
Quince ‘mango’ chutney {Garlic, mustard, sulphites}


Fries vg £5

Truffle fries vg £8
Prosciano cheese and truffle mayo
{Garlic, mushrooms, mustard, sulphites}

Grilled broccoli hazelnut duqqa vg £6
Chargrilled broccoli with toasted hazelnut spiced duqqa
{Sesame, tree nuts}

Mac & cheese v £8
Maccheroni pasta, creamy cheese sauce, chilli, pangratatto
{Alcohol, celery, cereals containing gluten, milk}

Patatas bravas vg £6
Fried potatoes, smoked pimentón tomato salsa, roasted garlic mayo
{Garlic, mustard, sulphites}

Roasted squash vg £6
Roasted squash, smoked paprika with pomegranate molasses

Mesclun salad vg £3.50
Chicory, endive, gem, spinach and radicchio dressed with sherry vinegar and good oil


Poached pear set cream vg £7
Poached pears, set vanilla oat cream, cassonade
{Cereals containing gluten}

Caramelised apple turnover vg £7
Caramelised apple and polenta cake and creamy oat fraîche
{Cereals containing gluten, soya, sulphites}

Pavlova v £8
Chewy meringue, lemon curd and Chantilly cream
{Eggs, milk, sulphites}

Dark chocolate malt pie £8
Dark chocolate and malted cream mousse cake with candied almonds
{Milk, pork, soya, tree nuts}

Crème brûlée v £6
Classic vanilla custard with a burnt caramel top
{Eggs, milk}

Treleavens ice-cream & sorbets vg
1 £2.50/ 2 £5 / 3 £7.50
Chocolate & raspberry sauce. Ask for flavours
{Cereals containing gluten, soya (may contain peanuts, tree nuts)}

Warm scone £7
Boddington’s strawberry jam and Roddas clotted cream
{Cereals containing gluten, eggs, milk}

Lunch & dinner

Cheeseburger £10
Beef patty, Dabara Bakery potato bun, Cornish gouda, gem lettuce, mayo with fries
{Cereals containing gluten, eggs, milk, mustard, soya, sulphites}

Vegan burger vg £10
Plant-based patty, DaBara Bakery potato bun, vegan cheese, gem lettuce, mayo with fries
{Cereals containing gluten, mustard, soya, sulphites}

Beer-battered daily catch £10
Ask for today’s fish
{Alcohol, cereals containing gluten, fish}

Breaded fish finger £10
Cod fish finger in panko crumb
{Cereals containing gluten, eggs, fish}

Grilled free-range chicken £10
Free-range chicken breast

Then choose two sides: Steamed broccoli, rainbow carrots, garden peas, new potatoes or fries

Mac & cheese v £8
Maccheroni pasta, creamy cheese sauce, chilli, sourdough pangratatto
{Alcohol, celery, cereals containing gluten, milk}

Maccheroni pimentón £8
Maccheroni pasta, pimentón tomato sauce, grated Old Winchester cheese
{Cereals containing gluten, garlic, milk, sulphites}

Houmous vg £6
Classic houmous with rainbow carrot sticks


Warm scone   (g/d/e)  £7
Boddington’s strawberry jam and Roddas clotted cream

Hot chocolate

Extreme hot chocolate   vga - gf - dfa   (d/s) £5.50
Whipped cream, marshmallows, chocolate buttons and hundreds & thousands

Classic hot chocolate   (d/s) £2.75 / £4

White hot chocolate   (d/s) £2.75 / £4

Oreo hot chocolate   vga - dfa   (d/s) £5.50
Whipped cream, Oreo chocolate biscuits
with a dust of chocolate - toppings only  (g/d/s)

Chai hot chocolate   vga   (d/s) £5.50
Whipped cream, cinnamon and biscoff - toppings only  (g/e/n)

Baileys hot chocolate   vga   (g/d/s/a) £9.50
Baileys, whipped cream, chocolate sprinkles and fudge


Espresso £3
Double espresso £3.50
Americano £3.60
Macchiato £4
Flat white £4
Latte £4
Cappuccino £4
Mocha £4
Iced coffee £4
Babyccino​ £1.50

Make it Extreme with whipped cream, marshmallows and chocolate buttons or add syrup to your coffee £1.50 


Berry & hibiscus £3

Chamomile £3

Earl Grey £3

English breakfast £3

English breakfast decaffeinated £3

Green tea £3

Lemongrass & ginger £3

Triple mint £3

Chai tea £3


Blood Orange Amaretto Sours    vg - gf   (n/sd/a) £12
Blood orange purée, lemon and Amaretto

Classic Bramble    v - gf - df   (sd/a) £12
Tarquin’s blackberry gin, lemon, simple syrup and crème de mûre

Forest Bramble     v - gf - df   (sd/a) £12
Tarquin’s blackberry gin, lemon, simple syrup and Country Cordials verry berry

Classic Negroni    v - gf   (sd/a) £12
Plymouth gin, Knightor rosso vermouth and Campari 

Classic Martini    vg - gf   (sd/a) £12
With a choice of Plymouth gin or Aval Dor vodka, Knightor dry vermouth 

Aperol Spritz    gf - df   (sd/a) £12
Aperol, prosecco, soda and orange

Apricot Wave     vg   (g/sd/a) £13
WaveLength ruby aperitif, apricot syrup, Harbour Wavehunter lager

Espresso Martini    gf - dfa   (d/a) £13
Black Cow vodka, simple syrup, fresh coffee and
fair café liqueur 

Make it with Aval Dor vanilla vodka £15

Seaberry Daiquiri    vg - gf   (sd/a) £14
Seaberry vodka, seaberry sorbet and sugar syrup

Butterscotch Appletini    vg - gf   (sd/a) £13
Cider, vodka, butterscotch liqueur and cinnamon sugar

Apricot Whiskey Sour    vg - gf   (sd/a) £13
Whiskey, apricot, lemon and honey


Passion fruit and cucumber cooler   vg - gf   (sd) £6
Fresh cucumber, passion fruit syrup, mint and soda

Pink Lady   vg - gf   (sd) £6
Apple juice, Country Cordials verry berry, soda and lemon

The Hedgerow   vg - gf   (sd) £7
Winter berries, passionfruit syrup and soda 

Ruby Spritz   vg - gf   (sd) £7
WaveLength ruby aperitif, tonic and orange

Red wine

Vida Loca Tinto (13%)
Vibrant - fruity - medium-bodied - soft tannins
175ml £6.20 | 250ml £9 | bottle £26

Riviera Pinot Noir (12.5%)
Fresh - soft - summer fruits
175ml £7 | 250ml £10.20 | bottle £29

Gavanza Rioja Reserva (14.5%)
Dark fruit - rich - smokey - structured
175ml £11 | 250ml £15 | bottle £43

Domaine des Cres Ricards, Merlot (13.5%)
Juicy - oaked - plum - spice
175ml £9.50 | 250ml £12.80 | bottle £38

Appassimento di Puglia (14.5%)
Rich - dark fruit - medium tannins - moreish
175ml £8.75 | 250ml £12.50 | bottle £36

White wine

Vida Loca Branco (12.5%)
Crisp - citrus - fruity - mineral
175ml £6.20 | 250ml £9 | bottle £26

Riviera Sauvignon Blanc (11.5%)
Crisp - dry - gooseberry - zesty
175ml £6.70 | 250ml £10 | bottle £28

Pirueta Albarino (12.5%)
Refined - citrus - stone fruit - zingy
175ml £10 | 250ml £15 | bottle £42

Il Folle, Grillo (12%)
Textured - sun-drenched - exotic - tropical fruits
175ml £7.50 | 250ml £10 | bottle £29

Gran Cerdo Blanco (12.5%)
Dry - aromatic - tropical
175ml £7.90 | 250ml £11.50 | bottle £33


La Serenite (Syrah/Grenache/Carignan) (12.5%)
Pale - crisp - summer fruits - refreshing
175ml £7.50 | 250ml £10.20 | bottle £29.50

AIX Provence Rosé (13%)
Salmon pink - crisp - refreshing - fruity
175ml £11.50 | 250ml £16.50 | bottle £48


Hambledon Vineyard Classic Cuvée (vg) (11%)
Crisp - dry - complex - celebrate
125ml £13 | bottle £55

Hambledon Vineyard Classic Cuvée Rosé (vg) (11%)
Crisp - summer - strawberries - fizz
125ml £12 | bottle £66

Laurent Perrier La Cuvée Brut (12%)
Balanced - citrusy
125ml £17 | 37.5cl £50 | bottle £100

Laurent Perrier Cuvée Rosé (12%)
Fresh - deep
Bottle £120

La Scarpetta Prosecco (12%)
Apple / honeydew melon / fresh cut flowers
125ml £8.50 | bottle £45

Laurent Perrier Blanc de Blanc (12%)
Fresh - ultra-dry
Bottle £150

Non-alcoholic fizz

Wild Idol Sparkling White 
Green apples, white peach and honeyed melon
125ml £9.75 | bottle £52

Wild Idol Sparkling Rosé 
Red fruit, green apples with hints of vanilla and almond
125ml £10 | bottle £56

Beers & cider

Harbour Brewery Arctic Sky IPA (4.3%) ½ pint £3 | pint £6

Harbour Brewery Singlefin Lager (4%) ½ £3 | pint £6 

Harbour Brewery Wavehunter Lager (4.5%) vg (g/sd/a) ½ £3 | pint £6

Tribute Pale Ale (vg) (4.2%) ½ pint £3 | pint £6

Cornish Orchards Cider (vg) (gf) (5%) ½ pint £2.60 | pint £5.20

Lucky Saint (0.5%) 330ml £4

Peroni Gluten Free Pilsner (vg) (gf) (5%) 330ml £4

Jubel Beer cut with Elderflower (vg) (gf) (4%) 330ml £5

Jubel Beer cut with Peach (vg) (gf) (4%) 330ml £5

Wild Hare Gluten Free Pale Ale (vg) (gf) (5%) 500ml £5


Alvor Dor original vodka (vg) (40%)
Soft & clean with sweet, creamy vanilla undertones
35ml £6 | 70ml £12

Alvor Dor vanilla vodka (vg) (40%)
Infused with Fairtrade, organic bourbon vanilla pods, perfect for sipping or mixing
35ml £6.50 | 70ml £13

Black Cow vodka(40%)
Warming, clean, creamy
35ml £5 | 70ml £10

Caspyn Cornish Dry Gin (vg) (44%)
Dill - fennel - cedar wood. Served with your choice of mixer
35ml £9.80 | 70ml £15

Tarquin’s Blackberry Gin (vg) (38%)
Garnished with lemon peel and Franklin & Sons Indian Tonic 35ml £10 | 70ml £17.50

Plymouth Gin (vg) (41.2%)
Garnished with lemon peel and Franklin & Sons Indian Tonic
35ml £7.50 | 70ml £12.50

Westward Farm Rose Geranium Gin (vg) (40%)
Juniper - rose - geranium. Served with your choice of mixer
35ml £11 | 70ml £15

Moon Curser Spiced Rum (vg) (37.5%)
Cornish spiced rum - vanilla - orange - caramel
35ml £4.50 | 70ml £9

Morvenna White Rum (40%)
Clear - fruity - buttery rum
35ml £4.50 | 70ml £9

Hell’s Stone Cornish Whisky (40%)
Fresh - Smooth vanilla - almond
35ml £7 | 70ml £14

Cotswolds Single Malt Whisky (46%)
Honey - Red fruits - Treacle
35ml £7.50 | 70ml £15

Maxime Trijol VSOP (40%)
Honeyed - peppery - sweet spices
35ml £7 | 70ml £14

Limoncello (28%)
Summer lemons - green winter lemons - grape spirit
35ml £5.50 | 70ml £11

Amaretto (vg) (28%)
Amber colour - rich aroma - incomparable taste
35ml £3.50 | 70ml £7

Aperol (vg)(gf) (11%)
Bittersweet - oranges - herbs & roots
35ml £4 | 70ml £8

Campari (25%)
Citrussy aroma - pleasantly bitter-sweet flavour
35ml £3.50 | 70ml £7

Soft drinks

Coca-Cola 1/2 pint-  £1.50 / pint - £3
Diet Coke 1/2 pint-  £1.50 / pint - £3
Lemonade1/2 pint-  £1.50 / pint - £3
Cornish Orchards apple & rhubarb £3.50
Cornish Orchards elderflower presse £3.50
Cornish Orchards English apple £3.50
Cornish Orchards Sicilian lemonade £3.50
Freshly pressed apple juice £3
Freshly pressed orange juice £3
Pure Blue sparkling (250ml) £2 (750ml) £3.50
Pure Blue still (250ml) £2 (750ml) £3.50
Navas tonic water (200ml) £3
Navas light tonic water(200ml) £3
Navas garden tonic (200ml) £3
Navas ginger ale (200ml) £3

Allergies & intolerances

Some food and drinks may contain nuts and other allergens. If you have an allergy, please speak to our team when ordering. All our food is prepared in an environment where allergens and meat are present. While our team takes every reasonable precaution, we cannot guarantee to be trace-free.

v - vegetarian  /  vg - vegan  /  vga - vegan adaptable  /  gf - gluten free  /  gfa - gluten free adaptable  /  df - dairy free  /  dfa - dairy free adaptable

g - gluten  /  d - dairy  /  e - eggs  /  p - peanuts  /  n - nuts  /  ce - celery  /  l - lupin  /  s - soya  /  se - sesame seeds / gr - garlic  /  c - crustaceans  /  f - fish  /  mo - molluscs  / m - mushrooms  /  po - pork  /  mu - mustard  /  sd - sulphur dioxide  /  a - alcohol

We add a discretionary 10% service charge to your bill, to share between the team.

All prices include VAT

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