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Small plates

White sourdough  vg  (g)  
Country seeded bread   vg  (g)  

Croissant   (g/d/e) / vegan croissant   vg  (g) / pain au chocolate   (g/d/e/s) / pain au raisin v (g/d/e) / cinnamon bun v (g/d)

Weetabix   v  (g)  / Rice Crispies     (g)  / Coco Pops     (g)  / Bran Flakes    v  (g)  / Cornflakes  v  (g)

Pimhill Muesli   vg – gf
Gluten free granola   vg – gf

Porridge   gf – dfa  (d)

Bircher   vg – gf
Steeped overnight oats, fruit puree, coconut yoghurt, fruit compote and toasted seeds

Fruit glass
Pineapple / melon / orange/ blueberries

Fruit compote glass   vg – gf

Coconut yoghurt    vg – gf

Duqqa   vg – gf
Banana chips / coconut flakes / chai seedsBig plates

Big plates

Full English
British sausage   gf – df   (po/sd)  /  bacon   gf – df   (po)  /  hogs pudding (g/po)  /  mushrooms     vg – gf – df   (m)  /  grilled tomatoes     vg – gf – df   /  baked beans     vg – gf – df   /  scrambled or poached eggs     v – gf   (d/e)

Vegetarian breakfast
Vegan sausages     vg – gf – df   /  mushrooms   vg – gf – df   (m)  /  grilled tomatoes     vg – gf – df   /   baked beans     vg – gf – df   /  scrambled or poached eggs     v – gf   (d/e)

Smoked salmon with lemon and scrambled or poached eggs    gf – df  (e/f)

Malted waffles   vga   (g/d/e)
Vegan waffles   vg – gf


Fruit compote    vg – gf   /  Greek yoghurt   v – gf   (d)   /   Boddingtons Strawberry Jam   vg – gf   /  Boddingtons Orange Marmalade   vg – gf   /  Honey   v – gf   / Maple syrup  vg – gf  /  Marmite    vg   (g/ce)  /  Nutella   gf   (d/n/s)  /  Roddas whipped butter   vga – gf   (d)  / Vitalite dairy free spread  vg – gf

Room service

A continental breakfast can be ordered in advance the night before.

Origin San Firmino drip coffee

Orange or cloudy apple

Croissant, pain au chocolate

Bircher – overnight oats, coulis and toasted seeds or Coconut yoghurt with compote and fresh fruit.


Laurent-Perrier La Cuvée, France (vg)
Lovely and balanced with a light citrus finish.
125ml £17 | bottle £100

Laurent-Perrier La Cuvée Rosé, France
Fresh, deep and full of red berries.
bottle £120


Prosecco Brut, Ruggeri, Italy NV (vg)
Defined and elegant from a top family producer.
125ml £8.50 | bottle £45

Camel Valley Brut Reserve, Cornwall (vg)
Fresh yeasty aromas, English hedgerow scents with good acidity and a touch of honey on the palate.
125ml £12 | bottle £65

Red wines

Pete's Pure, Pinot Noir, South-eastern Australia (v)
Vibrant & lively wine with forest notes on the nose, along with strawberries and cranberry.
175ml £7.50 | bottle £28

Estate Merlot, De Martino, Chili (vg)
Ripe dark and red berry fruit aromatics including blueberries and raspberries, combined with a plummy and spicy note.
175ml £7.50 | bottle £31

Columbia Valley Syrah, Chateau Ste. Michelle, U.S.A (vg)
Velvety cool-climate Syrah from Washington State, brimming with red & blackberries plus an appetising underlay of leather.
175ml £11.50 | bottle £49

Ben Marco Malbec, Susana Balbo (v)
Aromas of black berries, notes of violets, pronounced acidity, firm tannins & great length.
175ml £14 | bottle £62

Laudun, Cotes Du Rhone, France (vg)
Full-bodied, floral delicate & silky which are quintessential features of the Rhone's west bank.
175ml £10.20 | bottle £44

Terroir Cabernet Franc, Casa Valduga, Brazil (vg)
Violet tones, clear & bright, with special mention to the notes of coffee & chocolate. Elegant structure & the aftertaste is intense, being marked by the notes coming from the oak.
175ml £13.45| bottle £58

Bacca Nera, Negroamaro Primitivo, Salento, Italy (vg)
Ruby-red colour, with immediate lush and complex aromas of fruit and spice. It is full bodied, and has a warmer, excellent balance due to its soft tannins and bright acidity.
175ml £10 | bottle £41

Monte Llano, Rioja, Ramon Bilbao, Spain (vg)
Red violet colour, with purple hues. The wine leaves subtle aromas of ripe blackcurrants and raspberries. On the palate it is fresh, structured and very fruity.
175ml £9.50 | bottle £37.50

Sauska Cuvee 13 Cabernet Sauvignon, Hungary
Red berries in the nose with a lovely dominance of cloves & oriental spices. A light, fruity red of round tannins.
175ml £11| bottle £46

Barolo di Serralunga d'Alba, Italy (vg)
Full-bodied, velvety & intense, this Barolo is heady with vanilla, dried roses & woodland undergrowth.
Bottle £91

Châteauneuf-du-Pape Rouge, Domaine Chante Cigale (2019) (vg)
Wonderful nose of spice & dark fruits followed by a rich, ripe palate with layers of fruit & spice.
Bottle £100

White wines

Amonte, Cortese, Piemonte, Italy (vg)
Cortese is the grape of Gavi and here gives the trademark mineral, lemony freshness. Easy drinking.
175ml £6.70 | bottle £29

Estate Chardonnay, De Martino, Chile (vg)
Fresh aromas of ripe citrus fruit and peaches, along with a smooth palate with medium body.
175ml £9.25 | bottle £40

Martin Codax 'Alba Martin', Albariño, Rias Baixas, Spain (vg)
Kumquats, grapefruit, guavas & lemongrass in the glass. Hints of cigar crates, toasted barrique & oak.
175ml £9.20 | bottle £39.50

Puiattino, Pinot Grigio IGT, Friuli-Venezia Giulia, Italy (vg)
Moreish, lively German Riesling, the nose a blend of spice and pineapple, the mouth a vibrant bowlful of tangerine and grapefruit.
175ml £9.50 | bottle £40

Eins Zwei Dry Rheingau Riesling, Germany (vg)
Moreish, lively German Riesling, the nose a blend of spice and pineapple, the mouth a vibrant bowlful of tangerine and grapefruit.
175ml £9.25 | bottle £40

Monte Llano, Blanco Rioja, Ramón Bilbao, Spain (vg)
Tropical, vibrant white Rioja with a whiff of banana & a refreshing perfume of lemon & lime.
175ml £9.50 | bottle £40

Sauvignon Blanc, Sutherland, South Africa (vg)
Medium bodied & dry with a mouth-watering streak of minerals, hints of sub-tropical fruit & a layer of grassy gooseberry.
175ml £9.70 | bottle £42

Ken Forrester Wines, Old Vine Reserve, Chenin Blanc, South Africa (vg)
Full bodied and well-rounded with a complex structure. Bursting with flavours of dried apricots, pineapple and hints of vanilla & honey that last long on the finish.
175ml £12.10 | bottle £48

Patricius Tokaji, Furmint Dry, Tokaji, Hungary (vg)
Elegant with a fine tension between complex fruit and honey flavours, minerality and rapier like acidity.
175ml £12.10 | bottle £51

Sancerre Blanc, Domaine des Vieux Pruniers, France
Clean, fresh Loire Sancerre, all lemon & leaves, with a palate like a stone bowl full of citrus.
175ml £15 | bottle £64.50


Sospiro Rosato Veronese IGT, Veritiere (vg)
Fragrant with rose petals, followed by a juicy mouthful of pomegranate & blood orange.
175ml £7.75 | bottle £30

Love by Leoube Organic Rosé, Domaine de Leoube
The quintessential, dry & elegant Provence rosé: attractive red berries, wild flowers, melon & acacia.
175ml £14.15 | bottle £60

Dessert wine

De Bortoli, Botrytis, Semillion, New South Wales, Australia (v)
A medley of citrus, nectarine & quince fruit, with just the right level of sweetness & refreshing acidity make for an elegant, harmonious wine.
100ml £8.50 | bottle £30


Strawberry Smash £13.50 (gf/vg)
White rum, crème de framboise, strawberry purée & fresh lime.

Cornish Royale £13.50 (gf/vg)
Cornish cassis topped with Cornwall’s very own Camel Valley Brut Reserve.

Classic Espresso Martini £13 (gf/v)
Vanilla vodka, Kahlua, sugar syrup & espresso, served chilled.

Spiced Mojito £13 (vg/gf)
A twist on a classic with Spiced Kraken rum.

Monkey Marmalade £13.50 (gf/vg)
Monkey Shoulder whisky, lemon juice, sweetened with syrup and marmalade.

Tommy’s Margarita £13.50 (vg/gf)
Made with agave syrup softening the tequila for a smooth taste.

The Raspberry Ripple £13 (gf/v)

Baileys, Riverside raspberry vodka, raspberries. A sweet summer treat with a fruity kick.

Mango Mojito (alcohol free) £8.50
Fresh apple juice, mango purée, mint, lime, grenadine & crushed ice.

Elderflower Mocktail £7.50 (vg)
Lemonade infused with elderflower & cucumber. Cool & fresh.


35ml of gin served with the perfect garnish and tonic water

Plymouth Gin (41.2%) £7.50 (gf/vg)
Slingsby Rhubarb Gin (40%) £10 (gf/vg)
Tarquins Cornish Dry Gin & Tonic (42%) £9.50 (gf/vg)
Monkey 47 (47%) £10.50 (gf/vg)
Malfy Rosa Pink Grapefruit Gin (41%) £10 (gf/vg)
Salcombe NIL Non Alcoholic Gin £8 (gf/vg)


Black Cow (West Dorset) (40%) £6.50 (gf/v)
Sapling 100% (British) (40%) £7.50 (gf/vg)


Cazcabel Blanco (35%) £5.50 (gf/vg)


Armagnac / Cognac
Maxime Trijol V.S.O.P Cognac (40%) £10 (gf/vg)
Baron de Sigognac 10 year old Armagnac (40%) £8 (gf/vg)
Hennessy XO (40%) £18 (gf/vg)


Ardbeg 10 Year Old Malt Scotch Whisky (46%) £9.10 (gf/vg)
Jamesons Irish Whiskey (40%) £5 (gf/vg)
Haig Club Scotch Whisky (40%) £7.30 (gf/vg)
Monkey Shoulder Scotch Whisky (40%) £9 (gf/vg)
Jack Daniel's Single Barrel (45%) £7.50 (gf/vg)


Kraken Black Rum (40%) £5.50 (v)
Pampero Blanco Rum (37.5%) £4.50 (gf/vg)
Aluna Coconut Rum (37.5%) £5.50 (gf/vg)
Spiced Rumbullion (42.6%) £6.50 (gf/vg)
Captain Morgan Dark Rum (40%) £6 (gf/vg)
Captain Morgan Spiced Rum (40%) £6 (gf/vg)


Disaronno amaretto (29%) £6 (gf/vg)
Baileys (17%) £5 (gf/v)
Cointreau (40%) £3.50 (gf/vg)


Peroni 330ml (5.1%) £4.50 (vg)
Korev 500ml (4.8%) £5.50 (vg)
Sharps Doom Bar 500ml (4%) £5
Tribute Pale Ale 500ml (4.3%) £5 (vg)
Peroni Gluten Free 330ml (5.1%) £4.50 (gf/vg)
Lucky Saint Low Alcohol Beer 330ml (0.5%) £4 (vg)
Cornish Orchards Gold Cider (4.5%) £5.50 (gf)

Soft drinks

Karma Cola 300ml £4 (gf/vg)
Lemony Lemonade 300ml £4 (gf/vg)
Coca-Cola Bottles 330ml £4 (gf/vg)
Diet Coke Bottles 330ml £4 (gf/vg)
Belvoir Farm Sparkling 280ml £4 (gf/vg)
Cucumber & mint/Elderflower Presse/Raspberry Lemonade
Franklin & Sons Mixers 200ml £3 (gf/vg)
Luscombe Ginger Beer 270ml £4 (gf/vg)


Espresso     vg - gf £3
Double espresso     vg - gf £3.50
Americano     vg - gf £3.60
Macchiato     vga - gf (d) £4
Flat white     vga - gf (d) £4
Latte     vga - gf (d) £4
Cappuccino     vga - gf (d) £4
Mocha     vga - gf (d/s)  £4
Iced coffee     vga - gf (d) £4
Babyccino     vga - gf (d)  £1.50


Teas by the pot £2.50 (gf/vg)

English breakfast
English breakfast decaffeinated
Earl grey
Triple mint
Jade green tea
Red berry & hibiscus
Lemongrass & ginger

Hot chocolate

Hot chocolate     vga - gf (d/s)  £2.75 / £4
White hot chocolate     v - gf (d/s) £2.75 / £4

Allergies & intolerances

Please be advised that all our food is prepared in an environment where allergens are present. We will take every reasonable precaution when preparing your food, but there is the risk of potential cross contamination of allergens. The allergen information identifies the known prescribed allergens within our dishes, it does not indicate if a dish ‘may contain’ an allergen. Please let us know if you have any allergies or intolerances including those additional to the core 14.

v - vegetarian  /  vg - vegan  /  vga - vegan adaptable  /  gf - gluten free  /  gfa - gluten free adaptable  /  df - dairy free  /  dfa - dairy free adaptable

g - gluten  /  d - dairy  /  e - eggs  /  p - peanuts  /  n - nuts  /  ce - celery  /  l - lupin  /  s - soya  /  se - sesame seeds / gr - garlic  /  c - crustaceans  /  f - fish  /  mo - molluscs  / m - mushrooms  /  po - pork  /  mu - mustard  /  sd - sulphur dioxide  /  a - alcohol

All prices include VAT

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