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Welcome to The Hangar

Opening times:
8.30am – 5pm

After 5pm please exit via the stairwell doorway.

The Hangar No1cubs Coffee Coworking Space

No.1 Cubs Coffee

Run by No.1 Cubs, a fast-growing specialty coffee and clothing business serving Origin Coffee, the ground floor café at The Hangar sees talented baristas serving up mood-boosting brews alongside homemade cakes and pastries, sourdough toasties and smoothie bowls. Monday - Friday 9 - 3pm.


  • Free parking
  • EV chargers (slow charging)
  • Bike racks
  • WiFi - WGB staff Password: @20232023
  • Bookable meeting rooms
  • Printers
  • Shower & changing facilities 
  • ‘The Pantry’ kitchen
The Hangar The Pantry Coworking Space
The Hangar at the Aerohub business park

If you hear the fire alarm

  • Immediately vacate the building using the NEAREST available exit, proceed to the fire assembly point NEXT TO THE BIN STORE IN CAR PARK

  • Do not collect personal belongings

  • Do not return to the building

  • Do not use the lifts – these will automatically shut down in the event of a fire

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The Hangar Cubs Coffee Co Working

Cubs coffee

The Hangar Corworking Space Desk To Rent

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