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Top ten Cornish beaches to watch the sunset

The hour before the sun finally dips below the horizon is often a special time, especially in Cornwall. There is often no better place to watch the sunset than from a beach. Bury down in the sand, let the sea lap at the shore and allow nighttime to fall.

The sunset over Watergate Bay

Turn west

With many of our beaches facing west we are lucky enough to get some of the best sunsets in the country. We wanted to create a list of the top ten beaches to watch the sunset but it was too hard for just one person to choose. So we asked you, and it’s fair to say we were inundated with suggestions and reasons as to why your choice should feature in the list, however there were some clear, stand-out choices.

1. Watergate Bay

Whether you are nestled on the sand, up on the cliffs or sipping an Extreme hot chocolate in the warmth of The Beach Hut you are guaranteed to witness a spectacular sunset. Watergate Bay beach stretches for two miles providing a panoramic view of the setting sun.
Check out our Instagram for our best sunsets.

People walking in the orange sunset at Watergate Bay

The Green Flash

Sightings of the rare Green Flash – a ray of green light that some people claim to have seen at the last second of sunset. Some say it’s lucky, or that it signals great change is on the way. The elevated sea wall means you can look for the Green Flash too.

People standing on the deck in front of the sunset

2. Perranporth Beach

With miles of golden sands backed by rolling sand dunes, Perranporth is the perfect spot to find your own secluded part of the beach and take in the sunset.

3. Bedruthan Steps

The beach has beautiful golden sand which is only accessible at low tide meaning you may have to watch the sunset from the cliff tops. The granite rocks that are dotted across the beach are, according to legend, stepping stones for the Giant Bedruthan.

4. Mawgan Porth

Mawgan Porth is a firm favourite with beachgoers in Cornwall and The Times named it one of the best beaches in Britain. It’s one of the quieter beaches, especially in the evening meaning you could be the only one watching as sunsets.

5. Lusty Glaze

Lusty Glaze is an action packed beach; from surfing to rock climbing to live music, there is always something happening.

6. Sennen Cove

The white sands of Sennen Cove are an idyllic place to rest whilst watching the sunset. It is the most westerly beach in Cornwall, so you get to see every last bit of sun before it dips below the horizon.

7. Porth Beach

Porth Beach is flanked either side by large cliffs which frame the sun as it sets.

8. Crantock Beach

With a large expanse of golden sands sheltered by sand dunes, Crantock Beach is a cosy spot to watch the sunset. Many of you suggested this beach and we can see why!

9. Gwithian Towans Beach

Blasted by the breeze off the Atlantic, the magnificent beach at Gwithian Towans is always a colourful scene of windsurfers. You can watch the silhouettes of water sport enthusiasts as you take in the setting sun.

Two surfers in the sunset at Watergate Bay

10. Cornish beaches

To be honest any beach in north Cornwall is a great one to watch the sunset! All of them have their own unique qualities meaning we can't really pick a top ten, however, these were the most popular choices by far. We’d love to know if you have any more suggestions.

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