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The Beach Hut playlist

(10 hour listen)

Introducing our new Beach Hut soundtrack, heavily influenced by the tide and the sun and created by specialist music curators at Altaura

Tide and sun... the two most important influences for The Beach Hut playlist

Two surfers in the sunset at Watergate Bay

A soundtrack that follows the sun from morning light to sunset. Early coffee and pastries pair with laid-back beats, stepping up to hot sunny lunches with energy, warmth and vibrancy. As the sun starts to set, the music becomes more electronic, cool and beat-driven as the cocktails are shaken, poured, and served against the backdrop of the waves. Tune into the Beach Hut rhythm and listen along with Spotify:

Warm acoustic guitars, Brazilian drums, slow strings and light piano sounds

— Gaby Morse, Director and Altaura on influencing the Beach Hut sounds
Window table in the Beach Hut at high tide

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