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Buttervilla strawberries with white chocolate mousse and lemon meringue recipe

Our recipe with Cornish heritage strawberries, complimented with light and creamy white chocolate mousse and classic lemon meringue.

Image of strawberries close up


Serves four

Lemon Meringue

  • 100g egg white
  • 200g castor sugar
  • 1 lemon


Caramalised white chocolate mousse

  • 330g White chocolate pistols
  • 670g of double cream
  • 3 leaves of bronze gelatin
  • 180g egg yolk
  • 115g castor sugar


In a clean bowl whisk the egg white and slowly sift in the castor sugar until stiff peaks are achieved.
Preheat the oven to 100 degrees centigrade.
Place a sheet of silicon paper on a baking sheet using a dab of meringue on each corner to secure the sheet to the tray.
Spread the meringue onto the silicon evenly, approximately 2mm thick with a palette knife.
Zest the lemon over the meringue, place in the oven and cook for 45mins/1 hour until crisp.

Allow to cool.

Melt the chocolate in a saucepan over a medium heat until melted, continue to stir until the chocolate thickens and changes colour to a golden brown.
Add 75g of the double cream and stir until completely mixed.
Add the gelatin to cold water until soft. Squeeze out the excess water and dissolve in the chocolate.
Whisk the egg yolks and sugar until pale and fluffy.
Fold through the chocolate mix a third at a time.
Lightly whip the remaining cream and fold through the mix.
Pour into a bowl and place in the fridge.

Split the Buttervilla strawberries in half and place into a bowls, top with a spoonful of the mousse. Break the meringue into shards to place around the mousse and serve.

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