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Cornwall's best kept secrets

Cornwall is a county full of stunning beaches, charming countryside and captivating history. The well-known haunts of Cornwall that are usually spoken about, such as the Eden Project, Minack Theatre or Lands End, are spectacular but we want to tell you about Cornwall’s best kept secrets, the places you may not hear of unless you’re a local.

Chapel porth

Matt Jessop

1. Chapel Porth beach

Chapel Porth beach is nestled in a small mining village on the North coast of Cornwall near St. Agnes. The beach is somewhat of a juxtaposition due to the changing seasons, in winter the beach becomes foreboding and dramatic with storms rolling in off the Atlantic however, in the summer, the waters create a beautiful clear blue lagoon along stretches of empty golden sand. The ruins of the old Wheal Coates tin mine are perched on the cliffs above the beach providing tangible history to this beautiful location.

2. St Nectans Kieve

Also known as Merlin’s Well, St Nectan’s Kieve is an enchanting place full of mystique and fantasy near Tintagel on the North Cornwall coast. It is a plunge pool fed by a 60ft high waterfall from the River Trevillet. The river has carved its way through the rock to form a beautiful basin and punched through the original kieve to flow into the valley. Some believe it to be a sacred place adorning the Kieve with ribbons, crystals, devotions and altars, and it has become somewhat customary to leave behind a small stack of flat stones collected from the river for the fairies.

Tintagel castle door

Matt Jessop

3. Tintagel Castle steps

Tintagel Castle is set high on the North Cornwall cliffs offering dramatic views over the beach and ruins; it is thought to be the birthplace of King Arthur. It is an iconic attraction in the South West due to its breathtaking ruins and characterful charm. There are many myths and unanswered questions surrounding Tintagel; so whilst the place itself may not be a great secret, what is hidden in its history and surrounding area is.
Tintagel Castle is an English Heritage preservation site.

4. The Song of the Sea arch

Located at Nanjizal Beach near Lands End, the arch is a tall, thin natural formation in the cliff; many refer to the spot as the Song of The Sea. The sand on Nanjizal Beach stretches out into the sea turning the water a beautiful shade of azure. There is no direct access to the beach, instead, you must walk along a few miles of coastal path depending on which direction you’re coming from. This makes the beach extremely secluded; you can often find yourselves totally alone there.

Bluebells in Godolphin woods

5. Godolphin Woods

Godolphin Estate was one of the most fashionable estates during the 17th Century and here in the 21st Century, you can experience it for yourself. But the jewel in the crown, in our opinion, is the vast woodland area that, in Spring, is covered in bluebells. The woodland is tranquil and mysterious yet well kept, allowing you to take long, meandering walks that could last all day.

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