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Artist in Residence Programme

A quick taster of what’s been created here so far… and an invitation to be part of our future residency programme

Over the last few years, we’ve collaborated with several different artists who have used our coastal location and community as an inspiring environment and springboard for their work. 

Our guests (and their dogs) have proved to be interesting muses, while the changing weather, light and perspectives have allowed our artists to play with – and expand – different ideas, techniques and feelings during their time here.

Applications are now closed

Watergate Jethro Jackson 00032

From Nina Brooke’s plein air painting and aerial angles; to abstract artist Jethro Jackson capturing some of Watergate’s energy and emotions; to illustrator Becca Hall and soundscape musician Joe Kirby, our artists have created all sorts of pieces from their residencies. 

These include a collectors’ poster of Watergate Bay, a series of large format abstract paintings of kitesurfers, a sunset exhibition, a Dogs of Watergate Bay zine, how to draw films, guest workshops, soundscapes and performances.

Dogs of Watergate Bay

We’re now opening up our residency programme to everyone, and look forward to a diverse range of ideas and applications…

Image of Nina's artwork on display

What we offer

In return, we offer a four-night stay with space and flexibility to work in the hotel, its outside spaces, and – of course – on the beach. We appreciate that each artist is different and can work with you on your ideas.

Applications are now closed

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